Friday, October 26, 2012

Calgary Day #9 of Road Trip

So my migraine grew in size in the night but I still had to get up in the morning, take a taxi out to the airport and pick up my rental van for the rest of the trip. I managed to get there & find the Thrifty counter all through a blurry haze of head pain and THEN..."no, your prepaid reservation is not valid, you must pay MORE." Well those of you who know me, know that I don't handle this type of bureaucracy well WITHOUT a migraine. With a migraine I am completely incoherent. I waved my paper print out, stomped and ranted until finally the manager appeared on the scene, phone calls were made and an hour later my prepaid contract was honored for what it was. By this time I had become friends with all the women working at the counter, they had asked for my card and looked up my website and were checking out my paintings. My head was throbbing.

I finally got to go pick up my new rental van and was pleasantly surprised by the vehicle that I was given, a brand new Dodge "Grand Caravan" very appropriate for my Cross Canada Tour! I love it and can't wait to drive it to Invermere tomorrow! I loaded my paintings and luggage into my new ride!
There is still snow everywhere in Calgary but at least it has stopped snowing for now and it does look kinda pretty in places.

 I then gathered info on Calgary galleries and went looking up and down 11th Ave where there are LOTS of galleries. Still had a migraine at this point so did more looking than talking but managed to make some interesting connections and see some great paintings. I also bumped into "Bumpy's" an excellent little café on 8th St with heartwarming food for the soul and a cozy atmosphere. Had some delicious home made mac & cheese which seemed to cure my migraine. Hurray!

Shortly after, I headed for my cousin, Glenn's cozy home. He lives right downtown but on a small side street with a creek and a bluff of cliffs right behind him. A wonderful home. I shared a delicious meal with him and his daughter, Zoe, another young aspiring artist. 

Photo: My cousin Holly Friesen has driven from Montreal with a van full of her paintings. She visited us last night. Zoë was really happy to meet a professional artist, and here they are with some of Holly's paintings. 
Zoe's portrait of her dad!

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