Friday, October 19, 2012

Day #3 Road Trip

 The Space Between Here & Now / triptych 24" x 96" /acrylic
This painting looked so great on Nancy & Larry's wall that I didn't want to take it down this morning. However, it's back in the van and on its way to Saskatchewan where I originally saw this captivating small white building out in the golden wheat fields.

 After a delicious sunrise breakfast in the sun room, I packed up the van and hit the road again. I drove out of Timmins and headed West on 101 to Wawa, a very remote and winding road. I am constantly being warned about moose on the highway, I haven't seen any live ones yet only the unlucky ones being transported home by hunters on top of their pick-ups. Most of the 3 hour drive to Wawa I was completely alone on the highway.

When the sun came out from behind a cloud, it nearly took my breath away as I came round a corner and it lit up one of the dozens of lakes that I drove by.

 The rock cuts along side the highway are spectacular. Veins of color shoot through them in varying sizes and degrees of sparkle. There was a long stretch of pink rocks (granite?)

 White Lake seemed to be catching clouds today. I am collecting images every mile of the way and already have an entire new body of work incubating within.

 Climbing and descending the shores of Lake Superior. Here I was not so alone on the highway, there were a LOT of big trucks traveling this road.

This enormous body of water feels so alive as it interacts with the clouds, sky and light.

I came upon the cliffs of Red Rock in the late afternoon sunlight. Unfortunately there was no safe place to stop and photograph the VERY red rock but these give a bit of an idea of what they were like.

 Long drive today, I arrived exhausted and hungry at my little B&B on the shore of Lake Superior just outside of Thunder Bay. The owner sent me to a local diner where I wolfed down supper and came back to share a glass of wine with the two kayakers from Iowa who are also staying here and exploring the lake by kayak. Tomorrow the journey continues. A few leads on galleries to check out in Thunder Bay and then on to Winnipeg.

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