Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Road Trip pause in Saskatoon

Busy day in Saskatoon yesterday. I am now represented by the Rouge Gallery in Saskatoon.

The gallery choose to take the Prairie Triptych, "Between Here and Now" which makes me very happy as this is where this piece belongs, in the prairies and in my hometown.

 They also took Snowshine and have requested other winter pieces. This is appropriate as it turns out I am snowed in in Saskatoon today!

The backyard where I am staying this morning. A beautiful century old home on Saskatchewan Crescent, lined with large elm trees and along the Saskatchewan River. Couldn't have chosen a cozier place to be snowed in.

An aspiring 11 year old artist lives here as well. She carries her sketch book with her and is constantly drawing. A joy to watch her. These are some of the Halloween decorations she created for the staircase in their home.

 The Triptych below was purchased in Mont-Tremblant several years ago and I had never seen it installed. Always a joy to see a piece living in its new home!
 Marie-Claire has an exceptional sense of design and style and their home is warm and welcoming. After a beautiful dinner together we came home and looked through some of my paintings and I am thrilled that she chose to purchase another piece, Telluric Rhythms for her home. Marie-Claire is originally from QC and I love that she has chosen to have the boreal forests of the Laurentians surrounding her in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon is thriving, I barely recognized the city, there is so much new growth going on here. It was a Monday and so most of the art galleries were closed but The Mendel Art Gallery was open. An interesting public gallery along the shores of the river with a beautiful conservatory attached. I saw several provocative exhibitions, had a delicious lunch in the coffee shop and spent some eye relaxing moments in the lush green of the conservatory.

 Today I spent reminiscing and visiting with a cousin whom I haven't seen in probably 30 years. She was warm and vivacious, and we chatted over tea and home made cookies in her cozy home. I kept seeing visions of my Oma's smile in her smile and it made me realize how deep family roots and connections are.

Yesterday I took a quick drive to my hometown on the prairies, Rosthern. I drove around the town and most of the places I remembered had changed but my grandparents home was still there, renovated and somewhat altered but basically the same. I drove by a few old friend's houses and thought about them. Oddly enough, when I checked my email later in the day there was a message from one of these friends, who had found me via my website! Remarkable that I had thought about her that day in my hometown and that she chose this particular time to contact me after 30 years! Life is a fascinating, complex and beautiful journey at times.

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