Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thunder Bay to Kenora

I love staying in B&B's along the way, the people who run them are usually so hospitable and knowledgeable about the area where you are. Maria at Eldorado Beach B&B was no exception, overflowing with stories and facts about the area. An excellent bed, coffee, breakfast and a peaceful sleep by the lake. I felt restored after my nine hour drive. 
 The two other guests at the B&B were a couple from Iowa, Janeen & Darrin Siefken, owner and operators of Crawdaddy Outdoors They also lead adventurous kayak trips of which you can see some incredible photos if you scroll down to the bottom of their page. The rocks are unlike anything I have ever seen and the trips look like a lot of fun. They were up here vacationing and scouting out new locations for future trips.

The morning light was so beautiful on the lake this morning and the air was fresh and clear. I couldn't resist taking some morning photos of this swamp alongside the road. There was not a single sound, complete stillness as I took photos from every possible angle. The textures and colors were enhanced by the silence surrounding them.

Maria told me about the amethyst mine in the area and I was thrilled to discover some beautiful samples at a roadside shop.

 Then I stopped to check out the Terry Fox Look Out which was magnificent in the morning light. A truly courageous Canadian hero, inspiring to see this sculpture and remember this young man's incredible will and bravery.

 Lake Superior, Caribou Island

 I had this train driving right along side me for a few kilometers today as the road finally gave way to the straight and narrow as I got closer to Kenora.

 Can you tell that there may be some reflections of clouds appearing in my next paintings?
Today's relatively short drive (6 hours) to Kenora wore me out. Stiff neck, sore back, decided to stop before my goal of Winnipeg and am hunkering down early tonight so that I can get up early and spend the day visiting my artist friend Janice Tayler in Winnipeg.

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