Monday, June 1, 2015

The Roaring Waters

Day two of Trip_the_light the skies cleared and the sun showed up in its's full glory! Temperature has dropped but this is a good thing as it discourages the blackflies from eating us alive.

It has been raining in the area for almost a week we are told. This would explain the engorged rivers and streams that are roaring everywhere we travel. What an excellent time we have chosen to cross this patch of planet. Spring is bursting into full blown tender green bouquets all around us as we roam these parts.

The first roaring falls that we come to are Chippewa Falls located at mid point on the 4860 mile long Trans Canada Highway. The TCan is the longest highway in the world and was the dream of Dr. Perry Dolittle, the first man in Canada to own a car. There is a monument to him at these Falls.

The infinite colors of these exposed rocks takes my breath away on a regular basis. There are so many colors and textures being stored away for future paintings.

A delightful first stop where the air was so fresh and pure that I felt drunk from breathing it.
Not too much further down the road a huge moose crossed our path as we slowed down to watch it lumber up into the woods. About an hour later I saw two black bears perched up on a grassy knoll above the highway. Hawks and Ravens soar above us in abundance. There is almost no one else around anywhere we stop. I love this place.

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