Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Rockies

The drive from Calgary to Kamloops is always an exceptional experience. The mountains begin to loom into view as you leave Calgary and slowly they begin to surround you as you enter Canmore. Their magnificent presence always inspires awe. Every time I drive through the Rockies it as if I have never encountered them before and I am always moved by their very existence. It was a joy to share this with Walt who has never been in their presence before.

 A quick stop in Banff and Lake Louise to breath in the mountain freshness and cooler air. Arriving in late Spring is a good time to view the Rockies as there is still snow on the tops and the rivers and waterfalls are full to bursting with the melting snow.

 A quintessential Canadian photo of Lake Louise. The gorgeous murky turquoise color is caused by "rock flour" which is from the melting glacier (seen at the end of the lake) grinding against the rock as it moves. This rock flour is full of minerals and reflects back only green and blue creating a wonderful turquoise hue to the water. 

No matter how many times I visit this view it never ceases to take my breath away with its eternal beauty. I wish we had more time to hike to the glacier but we had to make it to Kamloops by the end of the day so we had to press on.

 We did make a stop at the gorgeous Giant Cedar Woods Boardwalk Trail near Revelstoke. This is a magnificent place to stretch your legs and walk the loop through these old growth inland cedars which are a bit of an anomaly in that they are usually prone to growing along the coast for the moisture they need. However there seems to be more than enough moisture in this particular spot and they have thrived here for centuries. 

A beautiful introduction to the forest to come along the Pacific West Coast. This was a welcome walk through a unique forest in the midst of the Rocky Mountains.

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