Monday, February 8, 2016

Saying Good-bye to Walt

2015 was an exceptional year in so many ways. Most importantly it was the last year in the life of my love and life partner, Walt Pascoe 1958 - 2015. Walt had been ill for the past four years but we managed to live those four years fully and with great enthusiasm. 

Evening light as we enter Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming
Wild beauty in the Montana sky and open space.
Walt chose to focus on living Life rather then on his impending departure from Life. When you know the man you love doesn't have much time left on earth everything sharpens into focus. Small ordinary things become extraordinary and beautiful. 

Watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean in Oregon on July 4th

Magical window in Sparkling Hills Spa (a gift from the universe)

Roadside Picnic at Duffy Lake
Chesterman Beach, Tofino in the Blue Hour

This past summer Walt and I made the road trip of a life time. Travelling over 10,000 miles in two months, we saw unparalleled beauty and experienced extraordinary love everywhere we travelled. It truly was a "Trip the Light Fantastic" adventure. 

Northern Ontario June 2015
Northern Ontario June 201

We didn't speak of Walt's illness too often, only when it became necessary to rest or pause so he could catch his breath. Often I felt like I was travelling with a bodhisattva as his gentle spirit and kindness radiated brighter ever day. As his body declined his inner light seemed to increase. As he grew quieter his presence grew stronger. Walt managed to elevate the spirit of every person and place we visited on that journey, including mine.

At our friend's camp on Galliano Island, BC
By the time we returned to his home in Litchfield, CT the cancer had spread yet again and he had to undergo more horrendous treatments. We did manage to visit Walt's beloved Adirondacks a couple of times in the midst of those treatments which was balm for his soul.

Evening Paddle on Upper Saranac Lake
Resting at Buttermilk Falls
Throughout these difficult years and often even during treatments, Walt would continue to work on his art. We both shared a passion for our work and loved to discuss and explore our ideas together as we worked side by side. Just before Walt died he had one final burst of life and participated in our Group of Six Montreal Painters exhibiton in December.

Walt talking about his work
Taking a bow
Theresa Passarello, Demetrios Papakostas, Darlene St Georges, Walt Pascoe, Holly Friesen, Dominique Normand
I will be eternally grateful for having had this man in my life. We lived a full lifetime in those brief six years. He brought so much depth and breadth to my whole life that it will help to sustain me as I go forward without him. I miss him every day, every minute, every second. I miss our conversations, our walks, working side by side, cooking side by side, listening to jazz and drinking wine together, laughing together, making plans together, looking at art together but most of all dancing through life together with all that Love surrounding us.
You and me, baby. Always.

Dancing in the Studio

Sunset on Chesterman Beach, Tofino, BC

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