Monday, March 7, 2016

In the Heat

Here I am in Costa Rica! Wow! Not even quite sure how that happened! I took a leap and said YES! Before I knew it I was here in this magical land of heat and color, sound and movement. The jungle meets the ocean and my senses have fallen under their spell. The place where much of this wonder happens is in a pink tree house in Nosara.

I am here with the most fabulous group of divine women. Most of whom I am only meeting for the first time but it is one of those groups that was meant to be. I love our energy together. We are all over 50 and well into the "heat" of life! We are the heart and soul of Baba Yaga! We are all remembering who we really are when stripped of our outer world identites and responsibilities. 

As always happens when a group of strong women gather together and open their hearts, there is much room for laughter, dancing, crying, story telling and food. Always food! This time the food is fresh, tropical and oh so nourishing.
So far we have climbed trees, rolled in the mud, bathed in the tidal pools, danced on the beach as the fiery sun sank into the ocean. We have meditated on the hot rocks by the sea with the Pelicans and other exotic birds doing their sky dances all around us.

We have a gorgeous outdoor yoga/dance studio with a freshly oiled teak floor. Here we breathe and move and absorb the sounds of the jungle. At night we light candles in this sacred space and let the smudge smoke take our prayers and stories up to the starry night gods.
The forest sounds are exotic to my northern ears. The Howler monkeys really do make the most fearsome growling and howling sounds and the small lovable geckos make little kissing sounds.
The trees, the animals, the birds, the beauty is heart opening and embracing. Every morning we do a silent meditative walk through the jungle down to the ocean. Every evening we do the same and at night the dark envelopes you as the stars begin their intense sparkle across the inky black heavens. 

Tonight we will walk a labyrinth that is being specially prepared for us on the beach. This is the same ocean coastline that Walt and I explored last summer (only further south). His energy is everywhere in the movement of the landscape. I feel him in the waves, the birds who drop their feathers as small gifts, the shells and the sand.
It is here that I bring my broken heart to cry and heal. And it is here that Walt walks beside me and gentley guides me home again.

Pura Vida!

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