Sunday, December 17, 2017

Natural Translations

My annual Tremblant exhibition is now up and running at Les Mots Tremblant 

This charming and cozy venue is the perfect place
to host my paintings over the holidays. Visitors can have a glass of wine, a bowl of soup or a hot drink while relaxing and taking in the paintings. This is my absolute favorite way for people to view the artworks that have taken days, weeks and in some cases, months to produce.

Mont-Tremblant will always be close to my heart and I love to return to old friends and new with this annual exhibition.

 "We Appear in this World for a Brief Moment" is the painting that you will see as you enter 
Les Mots. A personal favorite with strokes of brilliant magenta to awaken your senses.

Downstairs you will find three larger works that focus on light filled moments.
There are also many smaller works throughout the venue.

I will be dropping by on and off over the holidays and hope to see you there!

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