Sunday, April 8, 2007

Expansion of an Idea

These are two watercolours of my favorite chunk of Laurentian Rock that I have painted over and over again. These rocks are part of the oldest mountain range in the world, they are ancient and powerful. They are constant and patient in an ever changing world. I love to be near them and feel their slow, steady vibrations.

This is one of my transitional oil paintings. I love the lucious, buttery paint but I want more energy in the brushstrokes to convey the rock's essence and energy.This is what I am working on now, a 40" x 60" canvas with an acrylic underpainting. This work is in progress and I will post the results after I have applied the oil layers on top. I love the drips and hope to leave bits and pieces showing through the oil paint to develop a multi-layered feeling to the rocks. I am now painting without reference photos but from memory and emotions. I want the painting to describe "rocks" as filtered through my emotions, imagination and perceptions about them.
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