Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gypsy Queen

While painting landscapes the other day, I suddenly wanted to paint this image, as a matter of fact she was very insistent on being painted. The first attempt (bottom image) felt exciting but I was disappointed with the results. I let her sit for a few days and then yesterday she called me again...the clothes were restricting her, she needed more fire and movement around her. She needed to become the dance rather than perform the dance. I like where the piece is going now, I painted a circular wooden moon that I have hung above the piece, perhaps I will include it, perhaps not but it seemed right to have it there while I paint this image.
About a year ago I had a powerful dream that I was celebrating an inner marriage of sorts. My paintings were hanging on cliffs all around me, there was beautiful sculpture filling a green meadow and all my artist friends were there. There was a huge fire, flowers everywhere, musicians, drummers and suddenly the drums started to play, I couldn't contain myself, the life force inside just pushed me up and I started to dance with such joy and love it was undescribable. I was naked in the dream but at the same time when I looked down I could see multi-coloured veils swirling around my feet. When I awoke, I said to myself, "THAT, is what I want!" This Gypsy Queen embodies that energy.
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